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Living Relationships

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                WELCOME TO LIVING RELATIONSHIPS!                      

The Holy Ghost began to teach me concerning the Cross. He said to me : Do you know why the cross has that image? I thought in my mind that it was fashioned that way to fit the crusifiction of our Lord Jesus Christ-= that is the hands and the legs. Then the He said to me that the Cross signifies the purpose for which Jesus dies. It signifies the mending of the relationship between Man and God. He further taught that the Parallel side of the cross represent the relationship between Man and Man, while the Horizontal represent the relationship between Man and God. He gave me a clear understanding that the relationship between Man and Man depends on the relationship between Man and God.

These clarity gave me an eternal understanding concerning relationship. If any relationship would be of any value at all, God has to be there! If that relationship would be dependable, then God has to be there! If you can relationship will be a secure place to be and to secure your precious destiny, then God has to be there! It is on this premises that my wife and I believe that you are on the right page for a divine relationship. There are a lot of dead relationship in town today, but your own relationship shall live in Jesus name!

Living Relationships has been a subject that has been incubating in our spirit for years but glory be to our living God for making it a reality. It reminds me of the wise words of a man of God who said: " If it is in your heart, God will put it in our hands". That in itself highlight the scriptures that explains how the Word became Flesh in our Lord Jesus Christ. Hallaujah!

Now Living Relationships is a part of Living Spring which makes it  very important to the church of God the world over. The Church is all about relationships. In fact the cross in our openion, is all about relationship. Its all about the relationship between Man and God and between Man and Man. When the relationship between Man and God is settled, then the one between man and man will be great! In other words the life with Man and man is dependant on the life of that relationship between Man and God. That is what the cross signifies.

This is what Living Relationship is all about. We are about establishing godly relationships, we are about sustainning, directing and re-directing relationships, and we are also among other things establishing godly homes and ensuring that these relationships lives! May your relationship live in the mighty name of Jesus.

The first edition of Living relationships took place right in our auditorium in Living Spring. It was a great blessing. Everyone was enjoying the presence of the Holy Spirit so much that they didnt want to go. For our intergrity with time, we had to stop. However we give glory to God for the succes of the first edition and please be expectant because its a constant affair. It promises to be more exiting and edifying. We want to thank everyone that were part of the last program and declaire in faith that their relationship will not die in the mighty name of Jesus.

We will like you to post your questions, suggestions comments and issues as you wish and please watch out for the date of the next edition of Living Relationships.

Also please make reservations for sits if you will ...absolutely free!(call:06605731222) Make sure you are there live! God bless you.

                NEXT EDITION OF LIVING RELATIONS:                        

The next edition of Living Relationship will be taking place this saturday the 16th of August 2014. Time: 2:00pm @ the church auditorium. Please get direction and address on our web Page. Moreover, please feel free to ask any question on any relationship issue and by His grace, God will give you an answer of PEACE IN JESUS NAME!

God bless.